N China's piano event sets guinness world record

Added On October 9, 2018

Hundreds of Chinese pianists simultaneously played music in north China’s Hebei province, successfully setting a new Guinness world record.
639 pianists, teachers, students, and music lovers from China and 7 other countries and regions played in harmony at the open-air event.
The number of piano players broke the previous record of 555 players in the Republic of Korea in 2007.
[SOUNDBITE] (CHINESE): LUO QIONG, Guinness certification officer
The final number of participants was 639, breaking the original record of 555. It was a successful challenge. Congratulations.
Forty pianos were placed on the main stage to mark the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening-up, while the rest of the pianos were placed in a local square.
The Guinness certification officer said, she hoped the event can enhance musical education awareness among the public.
[SOUNDBITE] (CHINESE): LUO QIONG, Guinness certification officer
"The success of this challenge has great significance for the introduction of elegant music into our lives. We also hope that through this challenge, more people will learn more about musical education."