Oscar-winning composer stages new work

Added On October 9, 2018

Oscar-winning composer Tan Dun, together with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, staged his new work Buddha Passion in Melbourne during the weekend.
Buddha Passion was inspired by a history of spiritual and cultural exchange documented in China's Mogao caves of Dunhuang, a UNESCO World Heritage.
Tan's work includes six individual short stories performed in Chinese and Sanskrit, showcasing Buddha's teachings of love, forgiveness, and sacrifice.
[SOUNDBITE](Chinese) TAN DUN, Composer
"I try to find a spiritual platform and a religious bridge to connect Chinese culture with the world. Traditional Chinese culture, especially its pursuit of mercy and kindness, is very touching and shares a lot in common with some other cultures. The Buddha Passion expresses my hope for an end to war in the future. I hope everyone can remember our common goal of love, to love the nature and to love our fellow human beings."
More than 1,500 people came to the two-hour performance.
"He seems like very experienced, and the way he presents himself as the conductor is very humble, which I found really amazing to watch because his music is so well structured and composed."
It was the first time that the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra choir sang in Mandarin and Sanskrit. They practiced six weeks to learn each line.
The performance also inaugurated Melbourne Symphony Orchestra's annual exchange program called "East Meets West".
[SOUNDBITE](Chinese) DAVID LI, Board member, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
"The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra had tours in China in 2016 and in 2018. I went to China recently and signed cooperation deals with China's National Centre for the Performing Arts, the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, and the Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra. There will be an exchange of visits between orchestras, conductors and musicians. We will go to China in 2020."
Tan Dun will also participate in Melbourne Symphony Orchestra's Chinese New Year Concert scheduled for February 2019.