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Added On October 12, 2018

Most people could only dream of flying a plane, but now a China-made flight simulator makes it possible for everyone to experience what it's like to fly high in the sky.
The futuristic flight simulator has been on display at the 2018 National Mass Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week in southwest China’s Chengdu since Tuesday.
The high-tech device was created by Harbin Wright Brothers Technology Development Company, a Chinese start-up that builds pilot training equipment.
The company's line-up of products can simulate what it's like to fly in almost any aircraft, by artificially re-creating flight conditions and the environments in which aircrafts fly.
SOUNDBITE(CHINESE) GE JUN, Founder of Harbin Wright Brothers
"After the aircraft takes off, the computer will automatically pilot the aircraft. We can set up different standards like direction and flight altitude, then the simulator will operate automatically."
The flight simulator has been used to train pilots as well as provide immersive experiences for ordinary people.
The company expects such simulators will play an important role in aviation-related education in the future.