Quneitra crossing between Israel ,Syria report

Added On October 17, 2018

The Quneitra border crossing between Israel and Syria was reopened on Monday, after being closed for more than four years.
World News has the details.
Israel and Syria's Quneitra border crossing was temporarily taken over by rebels during Syria's civil war.  In July this year, the Syrian army succeeded in recapturing the area, paving the way for the crossing's reopening.
Initially, the crossing will only be used by UN soldiers, but it is expected to gradually open to others in the near future. 
It is the only land crossing between Israel and Syria and serves as an important transportation route for Druze people in the Golan Heights region. 
The route is used to transport goods and is located in a demilitarized zone. Druze students use the crossing to study in Syria. Young Druze women use the route to marry in Israel and vice versa. Local politicians say it is important for clerics and farmers to cross the Quneitra border as well. 
SOUNDBITE(ARABIC): KHALED ABAZA, Secretary of the Ba'ath Party in Quneitra
"The reopening of this crossing is reviving the lifeline between our people who are under occupation and their homeland. This crossing is a lifeline for university students and also farmers who want to sell their harvest in Syria."
Rebels captured the Syrian side of the crossing in August 2014. UN observers in the area were forced to abandon their base as a result, which led to the closure of the crossing.