Foreign Companies to Showcase Products at CIIE

Added On October 17, 2018

Exhibitors are gearing up for the first ever China International Import Expo, scheduled to open this November in Shanghai. 
Companies from around the world are eager to show off their products to consumers in the world's second biggest economy.
One of Costa Rica's largest pineapple producers, Agricultural Products VISA, is busy preparing a top quality Central American fruit exhibit for China's first International Import Expo.
"The export of fresh pineapples to China began in 2017 and makes up 1.2% of our company's annual exports. For us, China is a very important market because it is so big and we are very excited about entering this market. "
Companies across Costa Rica's agricultural sector are looking forward to next month's import expo, while anticipating new Belt and Road routes will help them increase their exports soon.
Ties between China and Egypt were recently elevated to the level of "comprehensive strategic partnership." Improved bilateral relations have increased optimism among Egyptian businessmen like Ashraf el-Adawi, who believes Egypt will benefit from increased exports to China as well. 
SOUNDBITE 2: ASHRAF EL-ADAWI, Nile Establishment for Int'l Trade
“What we are seeing is that the trading relations between Egypt and China is developing very fast. Chinese market is widely opened for the Egyptian products, and Egyptian companies really need the Chinese market.”