Houston Art Festival

Added On October 17, 2018

Art lovers in Houston, Texas got an opportunity to speak with some of their favorite artists last week, at the city's 47th "Bayou City Art Festival Downtown". 
The two-day art festival featured art from over 300 international artists, and gave visitors an opportunity to speak with the creators of their favorite works. Carrie Brown and her husband, David, bought several paintings from Jennifer Lashbrook.
Brown said Lashbrook's art was different than anything she had ever seen before. 
“When we very first saw it, it was, like, “that’s kind of cool.” Made out of little paint samples. Very intriguing. I think out of all the art here, for some reason, this one caught my eye even more. Then, when she said look at it through your phone and just to see it back and forth, it was really cool to see the pictures really come to life. But even without your phone it’s just amazing what she can do with tiles.”
The artist said its great to see people's responses to her paintings.
“People are incredible. They’ll send people over from across the street, like, “have you seen this?” “Have you seen this through the phone?” It’s cool (to see) how people respond. Because it is a different material. It’s something unique. They remember it, and then they come the next year, “oh, this is the stuff you look through your phone.” “This is the paint swatch girl.” So, it sticks out different than just painting would.”