Gaza cancer child pursuing cooking dream

Added On October 18, 2018

 An 11-year-old Palestinian boy battling cancer has become a skilled chef after training at a restaurant in Gaza. Take a look.

Mahmoud Abu Nada suffers from leukaemia. He chose to do homeschooling because of his poor health. But his illness hasn't prevented him from learning how to cook.
Mahmoud first developed a keen interest in food after dining out once with his family.
He persuaded the owner of the restaurant to make him an apprentice. Now Mahmoud can make a variety of dishes.
SOUNDBITE 1 (Arabic): MAHMOUD ABU NADA, Child chef
"I dream of joining a famous cooking contest to become more popular. I want to show the whole world what Palestinian children can achieve despite the blockade, the suffering and disease. I want to be a chef and I've made it."   
Mahmoud said he also plans to travel around to encourage more support for kids like him.
SOUNDBITE 2 (Arabic): MAHMOUD ABU NADA, Child chef
"I plan to travel and I want to join a cooking competition for children. I hope that everyone will support me even with just one word. This will mean so much for me."
Mahmoud said he likes Chinese food and plans to learn how to cook Chinese dishes.