Chinese library staffer restores ancient books

Added On October 18, 2018

 A library staffer in east China's Zhejiang province has restored around 4,000 pages of ancient books over the past four decades.

Yan Jingshu joined Zhejiang Library in 1981. The library is located near China's famous West Lake and has a big collection of ancient books, over 822,000 in total.
ŮSOUNDBITE 1 (Chinese): YAN JINGSHU, Zhejiang Library
"Actually it might be my destiny to be with books. For example, my name is Jingshu, which means 'be quiet with books.' While people usually sit down and read books quietly, I sit down to restore books quietly."
It is never easy to restore ancient books because they are so fragile.
Yan and her team use only natural materials to repair damaged pages and return the books back to their original condition.
ŮSOUNDBITE 2 (Chinese): YAN JINGSHU, Zhejiang Library
"We feel very happy when we completely restore a badly damaged book, which can be read by readers in its original condition."