Expert CIIE to Boost Egypitian Exports

Added On October 30, 2018

The senior official, Shirin al-Shorbagi said Egypt will participate in the big event with 38 companies and a national pavilion.

She noted that trade balance is in favor of China, stressing that it is a very good opportunity for Egypt as China moves to adjust trade balance with different countries.
SOUNDBITE (ARABIC): SHIRIN AL-SHORBAGI, Head of Egypt's Export Development Authority
"China's changing policy coupled with their ability to import and manage the trading balance with different countries has allowed us to make some changes. So it's a very big chance for Egypt to interact with China by exporting more. so that the containers coming to Egypt from China won’t be shipped back empty but filled with exports. (删掉)”
The official added that China is very interested in Egypt's tourism sector.
SOUNDBITE (ARABIC): SHIRIN AL-SHORBAGI, Head of Egypt's Export Development Authority
"We are a very important country for China because first we are a key economic partner for them as we import from them, plus we are a tourism partner because Chinese people are very interested in the Egyptian culture and history. For them tourism in Egypt is very important and every time we build our pavilion they ask us to use a Pharaonic style.”
Al-Shorbagi also said the Egyptian participation is also politically critical, as both countries will be able to enhance high-level exchanges through the expo.
SOUNDBITE1(ARABIC): SHIRIN AL-SHORBAGI, Head of Egypt's Export Development Authority
"Participating is important economically and politically - politically because we are a country with a national pavilion including our important institutions and various ministries. For instance, the Investment Ministry will participate with its new projects, and the Tourism Ministry is very important for the Chinese government and the Chinese people. Also the Suez Canal Authority, Planning ministry, Trade and Industry ministry will send officials to Shanghai.”
The expo is scheduled to take place from Nov. 5th to 10th in Shanghai.