Chinese rov breaks record

Added On October 31, 2018

A Chinese submersible has set a new record for maximum diving depth for a Chinese made vehicle by successfully diving over 6,000 meters below sea level.
The record-breaking subermsible, Haixing 6000, is a Chinese made Remotely Operated Vehicle(ROV).
It broke the previous record for deepest dive for a Chinese made vehicle during its first mission to collect samples on the ocean floor.
During the mission, the vehicle dove to a depth of 6,001 meters below sea level.
It collected samples of sediment and water on the seabed, simulated salvage programs, and placed markers. 
SOUNDBITE:(Chinese)  LI ZHIGANG, Marine Robotics Expert
"The intense and continuous operation proves that the ROV is reliable."
As the first Chinese ROV capable of diving 6,000 meters, it will help scientists conduct more research in the deep sea.