American high school students perform Chinese art

Added On November 6, 2018

Students from five American high schools dazzled the audience in Houston, Texas on Saturday night.
The students gave well-researched, culturally accurate Chinese art performances, showcasing their passion for Chinese culture. 
Themed East Meets West, the show was organized by North Houston Chinese Association. Featuring dragon dances, traditional Chinese instrumental performances, Chinese opera, costume shows and more, the performances received a roaring ovation from the audience. 
Using both English and Chinese, hosts for the show briefly introduced the Chinese history and culture to the audience, offering the crowd a chance to learn more about the cultural context of the performances. 
"And we can learn about each other and share great deep friendship and love with each other. It seems that many American people can learn about the Chinese people and their culture. Through these kind of programs wen can make more friends and share more love."