Nepal Tihar festival

Added On November 7, 2018

 Nepal's second biggest Hindu festival 'Tihar' kicked off on Monday.

Lifestyles takes a look.
The five-day long festival, also known as Yamapanchak, is regarded as the festival of flowers and lights.
The festival is celebrated from 13th day of the waning moon in the Nepali month Kartik to 2nd day of the waxing moon every year. Decorating homes with colorful lights and flowers, eating various delicacies and worshiping the bond of brothers and sisters are major features of this festival.
Each day of the festival is dedicated to different animals including the crow, dog, cow and ox which signify the deep relationship between human beings and animals.
The festival will conclude on Friday after celebrating the major day Bhai Tika, where bonding between brothers and sisters is celebrated.