AR helps bring antiques to life in China

Added On November 9, 2018

 The 5th World Internet Conference is now underway in China's Hangzhou city. And at a sideline exhibition, the online app -- "AR-Museum" -- is bringing antiques to life.

Based on the collaboration of computer and machine vision, cloud computing, Internet of things and big data application, the "AR-Museum" has broken the limitations of time, and is bringing cultural relics to life.
SOUNDBITE 1 (CHINESE): WANG YONGCHAO, Senior Engineer of Zhejiang University
"For example, this is our most typical one. Everyone has Alipay on their phones, the app for mobile payment in China. We can use the 'scan' function, select AR mode and then scan the picture of the relics we want to look at. Just like this, 3D pictures will appear on your phone."
By simply scanning, visitors can gain a comprehensive and vivid understanding of the relics, making visits to the museum even more interesting and meaningful.
At present, "AR-Museum" has more than 200,000 users. Relics and antiques from more than 30 museums can be shown on this platform.
Experts say the digitalization of relics was previously hindered by network transmission speed, but the development of 5G wireless technologies will help improve the display of relics in the future.
SOUNDBITE 2 (CHINESE): WANG YONGCHAO, Senior Engineer of Zhejiang University
"Currently, with the continuous development of the mobile wireless network, we will have more mature technology and innovative forms to present relics. The way people learn about relics will be more convenient."