US midterm elections

Added On November 9, 2018

 After the midterm elections set up a divided Congress, both Democrats and Republicans claimed victory.

President Donald Trump called the results a "tremendous success" for his Republican Party, while a senior Democratic congresswoman envisioned "a new day in America".
In the nationwide races, Americans chose their representatives in both the upper and lower chambers of the legislature, as well as state governors.
The results saw the Republicans consolidate a majority in the Senate, and saw the Democrats retake control of the House.
Trump referred to the results as "big victory" and "very big win" in several tweets.
The Democrats clinched the House majority for the first time in eight years.
Nancy Pelosi, the House minority leader who may soon be speaker, said that a House led by Democrats will herald "a new day in America."
She also called for unity between the Democrats and Republicans and defended Medicaid and Medicare -- both signature programs brought in by former President Barack Obama.
Echoing Mrs. Pelosi's comments, President Trump pledged bipartisanship and unity with the Democratic Party.
He said that both parties can work together on issues including the economy, infrastructure, trade and lowering the cost of prescription drugs.   
Despite the conciliatory tone, Trump also warned that if Democrats in the House launch investigations against his administration, it will result in a gridlocked government.
Soon after, Trump announced that Attorney General Jeff Sessions will be stepping down.
The move immediately drew rebuke from Pelosi, who said ousting Sessions will undermine the ongoing Russian investigation headed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.