New use of ice cream cones in Thai festival 

Added On November 15, 2018

 Thailand is preparing to celebrate its annual Loy Krathong festival. However, some people are putting a new spin on the traditional event, by innovating the use of ice cream cones.  

Loy Krathong is a traditional annual festival in Thailand.
During the festival, people will float candles, or Krathongs, on lakes, rivers and canals to pay their respect to the water spirit.
Traditionally, Krathongs are made of plastic, but recent reports have pointed out that plastic-made Krathongs can be bad for the environment.
To solve the problem, Miss Waraporn, a lady from Northeastern Thailand, came up with the idea to replace plastic-made Krathongs with ice cream cones.
Ice cream cones can easily dissolve into the water and may serve as food for fish in the river.
The Thai government has called for more eco-friendly materials in festival celebrations.