Forum of BRI, green finance held in London

Added On November 29, 2018

 More than 50 Chinese and British guests from political, industrial and financial fields have gathered in London for a forum focusing on the Belt and Road initiative and green finance development.

Let's take a look.
During the forum, guests shared their views and opinions about deepening trade relations and expanding financial cooperation between China and the UK.
China's Ambassador to UK Liu Xiaoming said China and Britain share major advantages in carrying out cooperation in Green Finance under the framework of the Belt and Road initiative.
British Treasury's Belt and Road Envoy, Douglas Flint, suggested that the initiative could be combined with UN sustainable development goals in order to achieve maximum benefits.
Alderman Timothy Hailes from JP Morgan Chase & Company said that he is optimistic about the establishment of long-term, good and stable cooperative relations between China and the UK.
"Well, I think it represents a great opportunity for cooperation, because Belt and Road initiative is fundamentally about trade. And everyone focuses on the infrastructure piece, and that actually is about creating trade between nations, and trade creates prosperity, prosperity drives growth, and growth creates stability between countries and peoples. So I’d seen Belt and Road as a great opportunity for London which has strengths, financial and professional services to help China, and that laudable goal to built and promote Belt and Road infrastructure.”
Sean Kidney, CEO of the Climate Bonds Initiative, said the goal of green finance is shared by both China and the UK and that he is optimistic about future cooperation between the two countries.
“Look, we know China is committed to Belt and Road, and committed to greener Belt and Road, even though it’s hard. It’s proving very difficult. But President Xi Jinping has said at the party congress over this year that this was an imperative, Belt and Road must be great. We know that the UK government has been a leader in promoting climate change around the world. We also know that UK government has been actively engaging with China on financial matters and green finance for many years now. There is a lot of good deals, there is a lot of willingness.”