Qi Baishi authentic works on display

Added On November 29, 2018

 A total of 132 pieces of authentic works of China's famous artist Qi Baishi have been put on show at an exhibition held in central China. 

More than 20 of the pieces are meeting the public for the first time. 
Let's take a look.
The exhibition is held in Xiangtan City in central China's Hunan province where Qi Baishi was born. 
The show focuses on the background stories of the authentic works, and also depicts the company Qi kept at different stages of his life. 
The deep connections among Qi and local celebrities represent the culture and spirit of Hunan. 
All of these may help people understand Qi's works and probe into his inner world. 
The exhibition will be open to the public in the following three months. Exhibits include paintings, calligraphy and stamps.