Antelope survives on artificial feeding

Added On November 30, 2018

A critically endangered new born antelope has survived on artificial feeding at Taipei Zoo.
The babe antelope, named Yi Shan, was rather weak when she was born in early October.
In light of her mother's lack of care, which resulted in the death of her first born, the zoo decided to intervene.
With the introduction of artificial feeding, Yi Shan lived through her critical first month and managed to survive.
Now, Yi Shan is healthy enough to eat 5 meals a day.
Addax, also known as the Chinese antelope, is herbivore living in the desert ecosystem.
According to the zoo, the species was once widely distributed across the Sahara, but now there are only about 300 to 500 left in the wild.
The International Union for Conservation of Nature has listed the species as critically endangered.