Experts: CPEC to boost Pakistan's development

Added On December 2, 2018

Pakistani officials and experts say the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, or CPEC, can greatly boost socioeconomic development in Pakistan. 
Hasan Daud, Project Director of CPEC in Pakistan's Ministry of Planning, Development and Reform,pointed to areas that can be enhanced by cooperating with China, and in particular, through the CPEC. 
SOUNDBITE (English): HASAN DAUD, Pakistani Official
"We are looking at capacity enhancement of our human resource. We are looking at improving the capacity of our agriculture so that our yield could be increased because China has tremendous experience as far as agriculture products are concerned. Also, in terms of socioeconomic development we believe that no other country, this has been stated by our honorable Prime Minister also, that no other country has taken so many people out of poverty line as has been done in China. So we want to take pertinent lessons from Chinese models and emulate them based on our own characteristics." 
The director said Pakistan's government, led by Prime Minister Imran Khan, has prioritized socioeconomic development as one of its top priorities.
Social sector expert Shimail Daud from the Islamabad-based independent think-tank Prime Institute said the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor can stimulate investment and help drive social growth.
SOUNDBITE (English): SHIMAIL DAUD, Social Sector Expert
"CPEC is a unique opportunity because socially Pakistan has not invested so much in the past and these indicators have been weak. There is tremendous opportunity because there is demand. It hasn't been looked into. So improving the health and investing in health-care infrastructure and providing the technology and the tools to improve the health indicators for Pakistanis and specifically the education and if we go into details not only general education but vocational education is going to have huge dividends."
With the building of CPEC, analysts believe that the project would turn out to be a game changer for Pakistan's socioeconomic development.