China's Mengniu opens factory in Indonesia

Added On December 2, 2018

China's leading dairy firm Mengniu on Thursday opened a factory in Indonesia's West Java province. 
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100 workers at Mengniu's Indonesian factory now produce 300 tons of dairy products each day.
The company will officially begin to sell YoyiC fermented milk and yogurt in Indonesia on December 1. 
SOUNDBITE (CHINESE): LU MINFANG, Global CEO, Mengniu Dairy Corporation
"We are very optimistic about the broad prospects of Indonesia and the entire Southeast Asian market. The competitiveness of Mengniu's brand and its products are increasing during the company's internationalization process."
Projects to build the factory in Cikarang industrial zone was commenced in March this year. The factory is expected to produce 1,000 jobs within five years.
Deputy Chairperson of Investment Coordinating Board, Farah Indriani, said the Indonesian government will support the factory by creating a conducive investment climate.