Expert calls on G20 to push forward globalization

Added On December 2, 2018

The chairman of Britain's 48 Group Club has said G20 leaders have a responsibility to move the world in the right direction of globalization.
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Stephen Perry, Britain's 48 Group Club chairman, called on G20 nations to shoulder responsibility and help the world move forward in the right direction of globalization.
Faced with grave uncertainties, Perry said G20 has to take steps to create resolutions that lead to more employment and more growth.
SOUNDBITE: STEPHEN PERRY, Chairman, Britain's 48 Group Club
"The world is a bit of crossroads between continuing with the forms of globalization putting right the mistakes that have been learned or moving towards a more protectionist approach."
This year's summit, themed "building consensus for fair and sustainable development", focused on world economy, trade and investment, digital economy, sustainable development, infrastructure and climate change. 
SOUNDBITE: STEPHEN PERRY,Chairman, Britain's 48 Group Club
"Three to five years ago, British newspapers were criticizing China for investing in infrastructure. Now most economists recognize you cannot have long-term, even medium-term growth without investment in infrastructure."
Perry also said that China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative is one of the most "transformational" platforms ever seen by world markets, noting that China, after 40 years of reform and opening up, has the finance, skills and experience to push the initiative forward.
SOUNDBITE: STEPHEN PERRY, Chairman, Britain's 48 Group Club
"The Belt and Road Initiative is transformational because it's transnational, so infrastructure development under the framework can become more inclusive in development."