Central African kids in dire need of help

Added On December 2, 2018

Children in the Central African Republic face hunger and the threat of sexual violence. The United Nations Children's Fund has called on the international community to provide needed humanitarian assistance.
According to UNICEF, the number of children requiring humanitarian assistance in the Central African Republic has grown by 300,000 since 2016, and now stands at 1.5 million.
One in four children in the country is either displaced or a refugee. It's estimated that over 43,000 children under five years old would face an elevated risk of death due to severe malnutrition in 2019.
"The Central African Republic is quite possibly the most neglected crisis in the world. It is happening in the poorest, least developed country and humanitarian workers are in one of the most dangerous places. Children's conditions are desperate."
As of late September, almost 600,000 people, at least half of whom are children, were displaced. The forced displacement, coupled with limited access to health care, safe water and sanitation, has triggered a malnutrition crisis.
CAR has the world's second-highest newborn death rate and maternal mortality rate. Fewer than three out of five children make it through primary school, and almost half the population has no access to clean water.
The country ranks 188 out of 189 countries on the UN's Human Development Index, a composite indicator measuring life expectancy, income and education.