Macron visits damaged sites in Paris

Added On December 4, 2018

French President Emmanuel Macron visited the Arc de Triomphe and nearby Parisian streets on Sunday to assess the damage caused by a group of protesters. They smashed and torched buildings and cars during a violent anti-tax demonstration.
World News reports.
Immediately after returning from Argentina, Macron went to France's famous L'Arc de Triomphe, where a statue of Marianne was damaged. The landmark monument was defaced and tarnished.
Accompanied by Interior Minister Christophe Castaner, the president also inspected streets around the Arc de Triomphe that had been targeted by 3,000 troublemakers, among them many far-right and hard-left activists.
Applauded by supporters and heckled by some "Yellow Vest" protesters, Macron took time to meet some security forces and firefighters who helped limit the damage during the protest.
The French president later held an emergency meeting with officials to discuss the riots and how to handle the "Yellow Vests" social movement.
133 people were injured in Sunday's riot, including 23 police officers. 412 individuals were arrested in the incident. Most of those arrested are still in custody.