Israeli police recommend indicting PM

Added On December 4, 2018

Israel's police force say they have found enough evidence of corruption against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara, and are pushing for charges to be made against them.
The police announced the news on Sunday, when concluding the nine-month-long investigation, dubbed by the police as "Case 4000."
According to the police, Netanyahu took bribes and promoted regulations favoring the country's largest telecom company, the Bezeq Group.
In return, he gained favorable coverage in Walla, a news website. 
Both Bezeq and Walla were controlled by Shaul Elovitch, a businessman and Netanyahu's long-time friend.
Meanwhile, Netanyahu dismissed the allegations, denying any wrongdoing.
According to Israeli regulations, the final decision on whether to carry out the indictment should be made by the country's Attorney General.
Earlier in February, the police recommended to indict Netanyahu in two other cases, for corruption charges including bribery, fraud, and a breach of trust.