Christmas season around world

Added On December 4, 2018

Christmas is just around the corner, and holiday celebrations are getting underway around the world.
In Los Angeles, Harry Potter fans have a festive reason to pay a visit to the "Wizarding World of Harry Potter" this winter.
The Universal Studios Hollywood is holding a light show through the holidays.
The Hogwarts School has been illuminated with colorful dimensional animations which dance across Hogwarts castle.
In Lithuania's capital Vilnius, the city's official Christmas tree was lit up at Cathedral Square on Saturday. The lighting ceremony officially marks the start of the country's holiday season.
"The festival is really wonderful. There are plenty of friendly people and plenty of interesting activities. I feel very happy."
In West Bank's Bethlehem city, thousands of people gathered at Manger square on Saturday to observe the lighting of a Christmas tree and the start of Christmas celebrations. 
The historic city has been decked out with festive lights and decorations in the hopes of spreading joy in the hearts of its residents and tourists who visit from all over the world. 
A local student said seeing people from all over the world enjoy the atmosphere in Bethlehem makes him happy.
SOUNDBITE (Arabic): BUTROS SROOR, Local Resident
"I would like to say to every person in this world with humanity inside them to come see the Palestinian people and the struggles they live with and to help with whatever means they have in order to spread this atmosphere beyond today."