New central library in Helsinki

Added On December 4, 2018

A new central library is ready to open its doors to the people of Helsinki.
Let's go to the scene to find out more. 
Named Oodi, the new library aims to celebrate the centenary of Finnish independence.
Featuring some of the most state-of-the-art technologies, the library is around 10,000 square meters and expects 2.5 million visitors per year. 
"We have a lot of partners with whom we are organizing different events and courses and all kinds of happenings. And we have about 100,000 books."
The library has three different floors. The first floor houses a play park and a movie theater, while workshops and studios are on the second floor. The third floor, called the "heaven of books", shelves all the books in the library.
SOUNDBITE: SAMPO MATIKAINEN, Media worker at the Urban workshop
"The key point of all the equipment that we have here is that when you need to use a sewing machine you can come to library and use it; you don't have to own it or have it at your home. And the same thing with the 3D printer if you need to print some spare parts for example like some household objects, you can do it here at the library with only some small material costs."
The library also features a robotic book sorting system, which has caught the public attention. The system frees the librarians from sorting books according to their classifications so that they can better serve the customers.
"Sorter sorts them in the right places according to different classifications. And after that the box is full robotic knows that it has to bring new books and ship the box to the 3rd floor. Process with the mobile robots over there are done automatically. With three mobile robots I believe that we can transport at least 500 books in one hour."
The library hopes that by using these advanced technologies, it can attract visitors from around the world with new experience.