Kenyan coffee targets Chinese markets

Added On December 5, 2018

Coffee is Kenya's key export earner. However, the country's coffee production has declined steadily in the past 30 years.
Measures have been implemented to increase annual coffee production and expand the market.
These include targeting Asian consumers.
Kenya accounts for just one percent of the global crop, but its high-quality arabica beans are much sought-after.
Since the country's coffee production peaked at 129,000 metric tones in the late 1980s, it has dropped steadily to 40,000 metric tons currently.
But demand for coffee is growing in Asian countries, especially in China.
According to the Kenya coffee directorate,  Kenya exported about 1,450 bags of coffee to China in 2016/2017, and the figures increased to around 2,450 bags in 2017/2018.
James Gitonga, a coffee producer in central Kenya, said in the past Kenya has mostly focused on exports to America, Belgium and Germany, but China is now a big emerging market for Kenyan coffee.
He said he plans to go to China to look for markets for his coffee. 
"I would appreciate to have them, so that we can also make good relationship and they can also improve our livelihoods because I know their marketing is better."
Currently Gitonga harvest 2.5 tonnes of coffee in one season. He said he intends to increase the production to be able to satisfy the growing demand in China.