Disabled Syrian woman wishes for opportunities

Added On December 5, 2018

The International Day of Persons with Disabilities falls on Dec. 3.
In Syria, a woman with physical impairment says what people with disabilities need is not sympathy, but opportunities to be an active part of the society. LIFESTYLES has the story.
25-year-old Roa Hamzeh suffers a post-birth situation that put her under the knife in countless surgeries, but without a solid treatment to make her walk independently so far.
Unlike many girls who prefer to stay inside their bedrooms, Hamzeh said her favorite part of the house is the kitchen, where she spends times writing volunteering pieces about people with disabilities online.
Aside from her volunteer work, Hamzeh has a day job at a government institution in the Sehnaya suburb of the capital Damascus.
She has also participated in many events held for the people with special needs and was once a supervisor on a humanitarian project for such people in her neighborhood.
Hamzeh said one of her dreams is to become a media person to be able to have her voice heard.
"My dream never ends because I want to be a role model for every person with a disability. My biggest dream is to have a center to help the people with impairments and to see their demands and needs and what should be offered to them or the opportunities they should be granted."
Hamzeh said she constantly feels challenged by her situation, which gives her the power to pursue her dreams.
"Nothing for me is impossible. I want to break the barrier between me and my situation. The real disability is not the impairment of the brain or body, it’s the disability of the morals, it’s the impairment of the society, which is hindering us through it perspectives and treatment and its rejection of us so this is the true disability."
As Syria's prolonged war has affected her determination to a point, Hamzeh said she was left discouraged for some time.
"Syria has always been known of its peace and security and we have been deprived of that during the war. We couldn’t practice our normal way of life. When we used to hear the sounds of destruction and conflicts, I personally had lost hope for sometime. My dreams during that time dwindled to the hope of just being safe along with my family. So the war has had a negative impact on me."
Hamzeh said she hoped for all the people with disabilities to have bright futures.
"I wish good for all the people with disabilities and may all the doors of life and roads be open for them because truly we deserve to be in a suitable place for us."