600-year-old ancient village in c China

Added On December 7, 2018

Located in central China's Hunan Province, Zhang Guying village is a group of buildings from the Ming and Qing dynasties.
It is named after its forefather Zhang?Guying, who migrated here during Ming dynasty from neighboring Jiangxi Province in search of a beautiful and auspicious place to dwell.
The ancient village is seen as one of the most preserved in China. It has more than 1,730 rooms.
Since it shares the same scale as the Palace Museum in Beijing, and has an important role in architectural history, the village is also called the Folk Palace Museum.
Here all houses are separate quadrangle dwellings with an open patio.
There are not only exquisite wood carvings of Ming and Qing dynasties, but also a highly advanced drainage system.
"The drainage system in Zhang?Guying village is a wonder and unsolved mystery in architecture. There has been serious flooding in the past 600 years. But the courtyard drains have never been clogged. A Japanese professor once did an experiment to try to uncover the secret. He poured in colored water from one courtyard's drain and then looked for where the water went, but in vain."