New “No Shadow” four-legged robot

Added On December 7, 2018

The four-legged robot, "No Shadow", is jointly developed by China's Zhejiang University and DeepRobotics, an incubator enterprise of the university. 

The robot is 1 meter long, 60 centimeters high when standing upright on all four feet, and weighs 70 kilograms. It can carry 20 kilograms while running and can cover over 6 kilometers per hour.
The new generation improves the algorithm on the basis of the original, and has the ability to run and up and down stairs.
The developer said the robot is able to competently?adapt to different road conditions.
SOUNDBITE(CHINESE)LI CHAO, ZJU Incubator Enterprise Robot Team 
"The robot has a strong adaptability to the uncertainty of different road conditions, especially when the soles of the feet step on the edge of a step and it skids. It will quickly respond to these situations and regain balance."
After the robot was first released in February this year, it had attracted a lot of attention for its fast responses, stable posture, and accurate positioning.