Bolsonaro sworn in as Brazil's president

Added On January 3, 2019

 Jair Bolsonaro took office as Brazil's 38th president on Tuesday, promising to "restore order" and reduce the state's role in economy.

Bolsonaro, a former army captain and a member of the conservative Social Liberal Party, addressed a joint session of Congress, pledging to "maintain, defend and respect the Constitution, abide by the laws, promote the general well-being of the people, sustain the unity, integrity and independence of Brazil."
In the field of economy, he reiterated his campaign pledges as to "free the nation definitively from the yoke of corruption, crime and economic irresponsibility."
Bolsonaro also called for unity, and a pact between society and the three different branches of government "to rebuild the country."
Following a knife attack during the presidential campaign in September, which left Bolsonaro hospitalized for weeks, security was tight for the inauguration ceremony.