China Refutes US Travel Advice

Added On January 6, 2019

China's Foreign Ministry on Friday refuted a travel advisory issued by the United States.
The ministry said China always welcomes foreign citizens and protects their lawful rights.
The remarks came after the U.S. State Department updated a travel advisory warning, saying visitors to China are at risk that the Chinese government may take exit bans to prohibit them from leaving the country.
SOUNDBITE (CHINESE): LU KANG, China's Foreign Ministry Spokesperson
"China always welcomes foreign citizens, including U.S. citizens, to visit China, and protects their security and legal rights, including freedom of entry and exit. Of course, foreign citizens in China should also respect and abide by Chinese laws."
Lu added that regarding a very slight number of foreigners suspected of violating laws and committing crimes in China, the Chinese authorities have always impartially handled cases in accordance with the law, and safeguarded their legal rights and interests.
The spokesperson noted that from January to November 2018, 2.3 million people traveled from the United States to China.
He said such figures could answer the question of whether China was safe for foreigners.