Chinese enterprises eye green growth

Added On January 7, 2019

 China's green sector is attracting investment from enterprises as the country strives to balance economic development and environmental protection.

Data showed that investment in the environmental sector surged 42 percent year on year in the first 11 months of 2018, up 5.3 percentage points from the January-October period.
As China begins exploiting its abundant geothermal resources and clean energy, many companies are expanding their services in the country's urban and rural areas.
The recycling industry is booming too, with more enterprises investing in new technologies to transform waste into renewable resources.
Cities like Beijing, Shenzhen and Hangzhou have all seen the emergence of Internet-based recycling. Many big companies have joined the recycling business.
According to the Ministry of Commerce, China recycled over 280 million tonnes of waste including steel, nonferrous metals and plastics in 2017.
The country has launched a full-scale campaign to safeguard clean air, water and soil in recent years, with laws put in place, inspectors mobilized and officials punished for pollution. 
According to a government plan, by 2020, sales of environmental protection products and equipment are expected to be double that of 2015.