Spain celebrates three kings day

Added On January 7, 2019

 While Children in most of the world rip into their presents on Christmas day, kids in Spain just received their gifts on Saturday.

Why is that?
Let’s go and find out.
Mascots, dancers, and characters straight out of a fairy tale, an animated parade - no, we are not referring to thanksgiving, but the three kings day.
Also known as Epiphany, the three kings day is when most children in Spain receive their holiday presents.
It falls on January 6 every year, meaning that Spanish children have to wait a bit longer to receive?their gifts.
But celebrations like this make all the wait worthwhile.
"The children have been really excited for the past two days. They have been good, and we hope the Kings bring them a lot of presents."
"I’ve been good all year. I really like the camels and I get milk and water from them."
In the country’s capital Madrid, massive crowds are flanking the parade headlined by the three kings.
Some people even bring along step-ladders to help them get a better view… and of course... to catch the sweets thrown into the crowd.