Dakar Rally Festival in Lima

Added On January 8, 2019

Thousands of people have gathered in the Peruvian capital for the 2019 Dakar Rally Festival.

Lifestyles went to find out more.
The 41st edition of the event runs from Jan. 6 to 17 and spans 5,000 km, of which almost 3,000 km will be timed.
It is the first time that the race is being held entirely in Peru.
17 women, a record high, will participate in this year's Dakar Rally.
The figure is three more than the previous record set last year, though it remains dwarfed by the number of male competitors, which will exceed 500 in 2019.
The festival has also attracted hundreds of children and youth, who enjoyed electronic games and concerts.
"The event is world class. When it comes to sports, Lima deserves to be the capital of Peru. The event teaches children to respect and love what is not only the Dakar, but the sport itself."
First staged in 1978, the Dakar Rally originally took place between Paris, France, and Dakar, Senegal. It was moved to South America in 2009 because of security concerns.