UK brexit deal vote set for Jan 15

Added On January 10, 2019

The British government has confirmed that a delayed parliamentary vote on the Brexit deal will take place on January 15.
British Prime Minister Theresa May has warned earlier that Britain would be "in uncharted territory" if the Brexit deal is rejected by parliament.
One of the stumbling blocks of the deal remains concerns over the so-called backstop arrangement aimed at averting a hard border between Northern Ireland and the neighboring Irish Republic.
Opposition MPs and politicians from her own Conservative Party have threatened to oppose May's Brexit bill when they finally vote next week. 
If that happens it makes the prospect of a no-deal Brexit more likely to happen.
But even the no-deal Brexit is under threat.
On Tuesday, May suffered a major defeat in the House of Commons, as an amendment, which aims to prevent the government from implementing no-deal provisions in a financial bill without the consent of the British parliament, is passed.
The amendment created a new obstacle to the no-deal Brexit.
Britain's main opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn welcomed the result and urged May to rule out the no-deal Brexit altogether.