Checkpoint attacks kill 19 in Afghanistan

Added On January 11, 2019

Now turning to Afghanistan.
A local council official says at least 19 Afghan local police and pro-government tribal militias were killed after the Taliban stormed security checkpoints in the north of the country.
The official told CNC that scores of militants stormed two Afghan Local Police (ALP) and allied pro-government tribal militias in the northern province of Balkh Tuesday night.
The official said three people were wounded and nine others went missing in the clash, adding that the Taliban seized weapons and ammunition before setting three armored military vehicles on fire.
The government established the ALP, or community police, in 2010 to protect villages and districts where the army and police have limited presence.
The Afghan security forces' casualties have risen since the beginning of 2015 when Afghan soldiers and police took over full security responsibilities from the U.S. and NATO.
Nearly 50 Afghan security force members lost their lives and many others have been wounded during clashes over the past couple of days.