Tintin turns 90

Added On January 12, 2019

The famous Belgian comic Tintin turned 90 on Thursday. The comic's main character, Tintin, is 15 years old, although he has the appearance of a 17 to 18-year-old lad.
Tintin is a junior reporter created by Georges Remi, a Belgian cartoonist who is better known by his pen name Herge.
Moulinsart, a Belgian company responsible for the commercial promotion of Herge's work, revealed that a series of exhibitions and seminars will be unfolding in Belgium this year.
The company made the announcement at a press conference in Brussels city hall, marking the 90th birthday of Tintin.
Tintin, along with his dog Snowy, made their debut on January 10th, 1929 in a Belgian newspaper. The duo then set off on more than 20 adventures around the world, until Remi's death in 1983.