Added On January 24, 2019

 In Thailand, people have been welcoming the upcoming Chinese Spring Festival with traditional Chinese performances, including dragon dances, Chinese food and more.

SOUNDBITE: SUCHITRA JONGCHANASITTHO: Deputy Governor, Products & Tourism Business Tourism Authority
"The purpose of organizing the Chinese New Year celebration in China Town is to preserve the Thai-Chinese culture that has been handed down from generation to generation."
Although it's not a public holiday in Thailand, members of Bangkok Chinese communities usually take at least one day off from work to engage in various activities.
In Copenhagen, Denmark, a Chinese art troupe presented authentic Chinese culture to celebrate the upcoming Lunar New Year.
Members of the troupe displayed their talents at a gala held at the concert hall of Royal Danish Academy of Music. Their performances included dancing, singing and acrobatic stunts.
More than 1,000 people watched the show, including Chinese Ambassador to Denmark, Deng Ying, and Danish Minister for Culture, Mette?Bock.
Meanwhile, local residents in Chile's Vina del Mar have also been given a chance to experience Chinese tradition and culture.
Named "My Memorable Hangzhou," 28 ar tists from China staged a show featuring live music, dance and acrobatics to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year.
SOUNDBITE1 (Spanish): LILIAN ESPINOZA, Confucius Institute, Santo Tomas University
"Actually, we are celebrating the Chinese New Year, or the Spring Festival, for the ninth year in a row."
Around 10,000 people watched the show.
SOUNDBITE2 (Spanish): YANG CHANGQING, Cultural adviser for Chinese embassy
"I am very happy to be able to do it for the ninth year in a row in this place which is so beautiful, so big, which is the Quinta Vergara, which is almost emblematic of Chile. It's a huge stage, it's an exceptional stage and the actors like it a lot. They're very excited to perform here."
Compared to people who live in China, it's a hard time for overseas Chinese students during the festive period. 
Zhang Chao, who is from Chongqing, has been in the UK for five months.
Studying abroad and living far away from home is not easy for her. 
And the difficulties of daily life make her miss home even more.
"You are not supported like when living in your hometown with your family. For instance, when you get in trouble, lose something or have a conflict with others, you may be more vulnerable because your parents cannot support you. During my time in the UK, I missed my cousin's wedding and my niece's birthday. We had a video call but I didn't get that feeling of happiness. So it’s a pity. And I won't be there during the Spring Festival. My biggest wish is that my parents are healthy. I will be back soon, so I do wish my family all the best."
Geng Qingling has just graduated from university. She has also encountered some difficulties in life, which she says make her stronger.
She has missed out on the Spring Festival  in China for three years, but she will be back home soon.
She can't wait to see her parents.
"Many thanks to my parents for giving me a chance to study abroad and to see a different world. I do wish my parents and grandparents are well and healthy. And may my homeland be more prosperous."