Polar Vortex Hits Parts of US

Added On February 1, 2019

A polar vortex has hit many parts of the U.S. with coldest air in decades. 
Experts say temperatures could drop to as low as minus 50 degrees Celsius in some areas, making them colder than Antarctic.
Let's take a look.
A merciless cold struck the Midwest and Northeast region of the U.S. earlier this week, halting planes and trains, shuttering schools and companies, and preventing people from even going outside.
Minneapolis records minus 54 degrees Celsius.
Temperatures in Chicago also dropped to as low as minus 48 degrees Celsius.
New York has seen temperatures of below minus 12 degrees Celsius.
As the frigid wind chills sweep from the Midwest to the Northeast, millions of people have been affected, thousands of flights have been canceled, hundreds of schools and government departments have been shuttered.
On Wednesday, Chicago witnessed its second coldest day in history. Health officials urge people to go outside only if necessary, warning that exposing skin outside could lead to frostbite.
In New York, a strong snow squall hit the Tri-State area on the same day.
With intense snow fall and heavy wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour, roads and streets become hazardous to walk on, as officials say the snow squall "may cause brief whiteout conditions, limiting visibility and making travel extremely dangerous."