Interview on China-Britain?scientific cooperation

Added On February 3, 2019

Ian Blatchford, director of the Science Museum in London, has hailed recent scientific collaboration between China and Britain in an exclusive interview with CNC. 
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Blatchford?said he was surprised to see that a variety of scientific fields are included in the China-Britain joint projects. As mutual investments are increasing in the field, he hailed it as an example of "perfect two-way genuine collaboration". 
SOUNDBITE(English) IAN BLATCHFORD, Director of Science Museum in London
"One of the things that was very striking to me when I was in Beijing recently was having a joint initiatives that are taking place between the UK and China in 70 fields."
He noted that although not all the projects are as glamorous as traveling into space, China and Britain are working quietly to tackle some serious global challenges, like combatting famine and disease.
The Science Museum is now working with its counterparts in China to launch an exhibition about the benefits of scientific collaboration.
SOUNDBITE(English) IAN BLATCHFORD, Director of Science Museum in London
"And in fact, Britain and China are both doing research on the future of antibiotics. So I'm very proud of that. It'll go to China, but also it will be a Chinese perspective, and perhaps we can bring the Chinese story back to Britain as well."
As for the future cooperation in science between China and Britain, Blatchford?sees great potential from younger talent. 
SOUNDBITE(English) IAN BLATCHFORD, Director of Science Museum in London
"And so very often, when I'm walking into work in the morning, I feel like I might be in Beijing, because there are enormous numbers of Chinese students here now studying medicine and engineering and mathematics. And what we find is that not only are they learning but also their diligence and enthusiasm is raising the standards generally in the universities that they are part of."
According to Blatchford, London's Science Museum is devoted to celebrating the past, present and future achievements of great civilizations and China is a vital part of that vision with its ancient culture and remarkable achievements in recent decades.
The Museum is also planning to stage more China-themed exhibitions and events in the coming seasons.