A slow train heading to happiness

Added On February 5, 2019

A slow train in Central China's Hunan province has been transporting local villagers and their goods for 25 years. Over the years, the lives of its passengers have rapidly changed. 
Lifestyles has the story. 
Hunan's train No. 7266 links the towns of Huaihua and Lixian. The 381 kilometer route takes more than nine hours. 
The train, literally a slow train, runs at an average speed of 40 kilometers per hour with 40 stops. 
Rural infrastructure has improved over the years and a highway now serves as the area's main transportation route. But train No. 7266 is still popular with locals. 
Since its inauguration in 1994, ticket prices have remained unchanged. 
The passengers who take the train haven't changed much either but their living conditions have improved a lot. 
"Passengers used to avoid buying tickets, because they couldn't afford to. However, I don't really see that anymore. They used to take this train for work. Now they live much better lives. For example, most have built or bought their own houses and have sent their children to university. Some of the younger residents now work in big cities. So now, when they take the train to do business, it is more like take exercise." 
SOUNDBITE(CHINESE) GUO YI, Officer of Train Team
"Seeing people along the railway living a better life makes me think our work is worthwhile, and that our jobs are noble."