Pakistan charity bazaar on child protection

Added On February 5, 2019

A charity winter bazaar has been held in Islamabad in a bid to raise public awareness about child abuse. 
Sunday's bazaar aimed to highlight the endemic issue of child sex abuse in Pakistan. 
Income generated from the event will be donated to Sahil, a local non-governmental organisation for child protection. 
Anushay Hussain, founding executive director of Sahil, said the event was to help the public better understand the importance of child protection in the country. 
SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH) ANUSHAY HUSSAIN, Founding Executive Director of Sahil 
"Sahil, which is an NGO based in Islamabad but works all over the country, focuses on issues of child sexual abuse in Pakistan. This mela, this fair today is basically something we have been doing for the last five years to raise awareness and raise some funds for Sahil's work."
Some children at the bazaar also shared their thoughts at the event. 
"I like this festival a lot. There are many types of different food over here and we are not just learning things over here, we are learning how to protect us from different drugs and we are learning protection from evil people." 
"I have been enjoying here since morning but I have also learnt a lot of things like how to protect yourself from child abuse and like a lot of things and how to not interfere in drugs."
People from all walks of life participated in the bazaar activities. 
Apart from stalls selling traditional clothing and handicrafts, a variety of local and international food was also on offer at the event.