Sydney's dumpling feast sets world record

Added On February 7, 2019

 Now turning to downtown Sydney, where a dumpling challenge set a new Guinness world record as more than 700 local residents ate over 4,000 dumplings at the same time.

At the feast held on Tuesday, a total of 764 people ate a minimum of two dumplings at the same time, claiming a new Guinness world record for the biggest yum cha.
Yum cha literally refers to "drinking tea" in the Cantonese dialect of Chinese, and usually features a varied mix of Chinese traditional dishes, including dumplings.
All dumplings were handmade for the occasion, a fitting way for Australians to celebrate the ancient yet humble tradition of tea and dumplings.
Sydney city councilor Jess Scully said many Chinese traditional foods like dumplings have taken root in Australia as an integral part of the local culinary culture.