China's designer brand at NY fashion week

Added On February 11, 2019

 Chinese fashion designer Wang Tao's new collection at this year's New York Fashion Week combines both handsome and feminine beauty.

Wang said on the sidelines of her namesake brand Taoray Wang's runway show that the collection is inspired by two famous women from different generations, who dress in distinct styles.
While American model Lauren Hutton symbolizes handsome and unconventional beauty from the 1970s, U.S. President Donald Trump's daughter Tiffany represents a more modern millennial preference for feminine and sexy looks.
To combine the two different styles in one collection, Wang paired wool hats and wide-leg pants, that were popular in the 1970's, with modern asymmetric mini skirts.
Wang also used different shades of yellow and blue to create warm, bright and energetic looks.
SOUNDBITE(CHINESE): WANG TAO, Chinese Fashion Designer
"I like the beach very much. Water and sand are totally different. Only on the beach can these two commune with each other and really be together. So my collection this year is based on the yellow of sand and the blue of water."
Wang's namesake brand made its debut in the fall of 2014. Since then she has become a regular at New York Fashion Week.