London celebrates Chinese New Year

Added On February 12, 2019

 The celebration began with a grand parade that included Chinese dragon and lion performers. An iconic double-decker bus and a variety of floats streamed down London's streets from Trafalgar Square, via West End, before reaching Chinatown.

"China has made a massive contribution to world civilization for centuries. And I'm pleased to see London benefiting from the contribution of the Chinese community as well."
Chinese ambassador to Britain Liu Xiaoming said Britain's enthusiasm for Chinese Spring Festival reflects increasingly close ties between China and Britain and a greater eagerness by British people to know about China.
SOUNDBITE(CHINESE):LIU XIAOMING, Chinese Ambassador to Britain
"The Spring Festival is a small example of China-Britain cultural exchanges. I expect even more successes will arise out of cultural and people-to-people exchanges between China and Britain in the Year of the Pig."