China's internet security industry seeks cooperation

Added On March 8, 2019

Chinese security and internet enterprises are teaming up with international tech companies to create a safer internet.
Let's take a look.
Top professionals from security companies across the world are showcasing the newest cutting-edge technologies against cyber threats at the world's top cyber security event, San Francisco's RSA Conference. 
Earlier this week, representatives from U.S. Cloud Security Alliance(CSA)and China's Internet Security Conference (ISC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding to hold a summit in August in Beijing.
At the summit, cloud business experts and providers will discuss trends in global cloud security, security innovation, and cooperation programs with China.
Cloud Security Alliance CEO Jim Reavis said the summit will help global security experts and businesses share information and enhance consensus.
"We're very excited about this agreement. We think it's going to be a wonderful collaboration of thought leaders and experts in all forms of cyber security, cloud computing, internet of things that will gather together and provide great and profound insights. And so it's a global knowledge sharing at ISC 2019 in Beijing in August."
The secretary general of the Internet Security Conference organizing committee, Han Xiao, said the summit will provide both sides a platform to share technology, information and research.
SOUNDBITE (Chinese): HAN XIAO, Secretary General of the Organizing Committee of ISC
"CSA, as the largest international cloud security alliance, is willing to cooperate with the ISC, and it is a show of international cooperation. This represents a good inter-industrial cooperation on the global level, which will push forward the development of the entire security industry."