US port expects closer ties with China

Added On March 9, 2019

The Port of South Louisiana is the largest tonnage port in the United States.
In an interview with CNC, the executive director of the port said stable U.S.-China trade ties are vital to the U.S. port industry, as China is a key trading partner of the country.
According to statistics from the Port of South Louisiana, China is the port's top trading partner in terms of exports, and ranks fifth in imports.
SOUNDBITE (English): PAUL AUCOIN, Executive director, Port of South Louisiana:
"A lot of trading we do is with China. We export more to China than any other country. Now, number five importer from China, they are (our) fifth largest importer. So obviously, from the port's perspective, good relations with China is very important in so far as trade goes."
In 2018, the port handled over 10 million metric tons of exports to China, dominated by grain, chemicals and fertilizers. Meanwhile, it transported around 1.2 million metric tons of Chinese imports.
Aucoin said the port highly values cooperation with its Chinese counterparts since prosperous trading with China benefits grain farmers, shippers and port operations.
He said he was "very proud" to have some major Chinese investment anchoring at the port area in recent years.
SOUNDBITE (English)PAUL AUCOIN, Executive director, Port of South Louisiana:
"Well, Yuhuang Chemical was the first Chinese company to locate in the state of Louisiana and they located within the Port of South Louisiana. So we're very proud to have them. They're gonna provide a wonderful salaries. They're going to spend a lot of money, about 2 billion dollars in building the methanol plant. And then they're going to employ U.S. workers, our river parish workers here at a very nice salary. So we're looking forward to that. "
Aucoin said he was "very pleased with" the latest progress in U.S.-China trade negotiations, as the two economies are highly complementary and are able to achieve a win-win outcome.
SOUNDBITE (English): PAUL AUCOIN, Executive director, Port of South Louisiana:
"My hope is that the two countries could de-escalate any tensions and work together for the benefit of everybody."