Cubans on China's development

Added On March 11, 2019

In Cuba, many young people have showed great interest in China, especially the country's culture and economic growth.
China Report has the story. 
Students at Havana’s Confucius Institute in Cuba have learnt about the achievements that China has made in recent years.
These young Cubans want to know more about Chinese culture, its rapid economic and technological development, and poverty alleviation and innovation programs.
SOUNDBITE(Spanish): DIANA LLANES, Cuban Citizen 
“Besides Chinese culture and language I’m really interested in China’s cooperation projects with Latin America and the Caribbean countries.”
Many Cubans believe China plays a key role in global economic and political cooperation efforts, particularly in developing nations under initiatives like the Belt and Road.
“They have developed very well in many areas, technology in China is one of the best, food security and quality is also guaranteed, poverty has decreased substantially, therefore China has become an example for us and the world.”
SOUNDBITE(Spanish): SIUMEI ALAY, Cuban Citizen 
“China is a great world power as it has rapidly developed over the years. And it’s a country that wants peaceful coexistence and promotes cooperation worldwide.”
SOUNDBITE(Spanish):SOCHI ALAY, Cuban Citizen
“China has provided a higher quality life for its people, and contributed to the development of other nations. It always follows the path of peace and non-violence.”