Chinese guitarist shines in Croatian music academy

Added On March 11, 2019

Young musical prodigy, Zhang Yuchen, is the first Chinese student to ever study at the Academy of Music of the University of Zagreb.
She says she's enjoyed her time learning from some of Croatia's best musicians.
Zhang met one of Croatia's best-known guitarists, Darko Petrinjak, in a master class at China's Tianjin Music Secondary School in 2011.
After recognizing Zhang's musical talent, Petrinjak invited her to come to Croatia.
Zhang went to Zagreb in 2015 and spent the whole summer learning from her new mentor. The experience opened a new chapter in her life and she decided to stay and study in Croatia.  
Zhang was the top-scorer in the entrance exam at the University of Zagreb.
The young musician is thrilled by her school's European method of music education.
"I want to be a performer of guitar, like a professional one. I would like to first stay in Europe for a longer year and study further in some other countries maybe, but in the end, it would be also a good idea to be a professor and to give what I have learned to people."
Zhang believes a genuine musician needs to have good technique, a strong educational background, and more importantly a musical heart.
She hopes that her years abroad plus her work in China will help her become a mature musician. One day, she hopes to share what she has learned with the young Chinese musicians.